Website launch! o/

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Welp, about time I finally got around to it. For now I’d like everyone to notice the “all in one” download links at the homepage, which at least new people can use to easily download most mod packs I have out right now. Here’s a link to it.

For the time being I’ve transfered over all posts related to mod releases, later on you can expect some other content, like character cards, scenes, as well as other minor unreleased “mods” to make their way here. I’ll post about it as this content get reviewed, sorted and improved before getting uploaded.
On one hand you might see me make some more casual posts at this website, on the other hand, previews, outfit polls, and early releases will still only be done through Patreon. So if you want to be on the edge of what I’m releasing you will still need to keep an eye on the Patreon feed. But if you want to find some extra content from me besides mods this website is also worth keeping an eye on.

Full disclosure: I sort of threw this website together in a couple of days (very intense days tho!) so its still pretty raw and imcomplete. If you have any suggestions or feedback for me I’ll very much take it to heart and work with it, as this is still very much so… a work in progress.

Cheers! o/

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