Required Plugins and mirror links.

These are most of the plugins required to make my mods work. If you have an advanced install of the game you probably already have them, if not:

– HS_MoreSlotID:

Why: Without it new items won’t get listed ingame;
Download link (link from the Pastebin)
Hosted link (updated 13/07/2023)

– BonesFramework:

Why: Adds additional bones to the body. Without it pieces of the clothing will stick directly to the ground.
Hosted link (version , link updated 13/07/2023)
Source link (version 1.4.1, get the latest from the Illusion Soft Discord)

– HS_GGmod:

Why: Shoes with high heels will show up as stumpy legs.
Source link (link from HSResolveMoreSlotID)
Hosted link (link updated 13/07/2023)

– HSResolveMoreSlotID:

Why: To add studio items, it must be run after installing the mod to update the studio lists.
To get the latest version please check the Illusion Soft Discord.
Hosted link (link updated 13/07/2023)

– Additional Bone Modifier:

Why: required for my character cards, otherwise proportions will be off.
Main link (link from HSResolveMoreSlotID)
Hosted link (link updated 13/07/2023)

– Invisible Nails:

Why: whenever a piece of clothes needs the nails to not show up.
Hosted link (newer version updated by ElusiveCake, link updated 19/07/2023)
Original Patreon link (hosts an outdated version)

Alternatively you can check this plugin pack gathered by Toxin featured the most essential plugins. An updated version should always be in the Discord’s #hs-help channel pins, and updates for them may also be at the #hs-mod-sharing channel. Here’s an invite to the Illusion Soft Discord.

Additional credits and plugs (please contact me if yours is missing and should be included):
– Joan6694for many of the essential plugins (Patreon page);
– ElusiveCake for picking up where Joan left off and further enriching the community.