I hate the flu

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New stuff coming up soon. I also need to add some posts from Patreon here. I’ve been going through a pretty bad flu recently but it’s finally passing over (I hope/think). Feels like a summer flu, it just lasts for weeks and won’t go away. I’m good enough for modding right now tho, gonna extend […]

Website update! o/

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Yaaaaay! *cough* *gasp* *dies* Writing the posts is always the last thing I do so I’m always about to die, darn it. I always want to go on a lengthy speech on how things go from point A to point B but I can’t muster the stamina. I’m getting old man. Anyways! The cards page […]

Website launch! o/

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Welp, about time I finally got around to it. For now I’d like everyone to notice the “all in one” download links at the homepage, which at least new people can use to easily download most mod packs I have out right now. Here’s a link to it. For the time being I’ve transfered over […]