Starlene Cosplay Pack 25 [version ]

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(This is an old Patreon mod post which I had neglected to transfer over here)

Hi everyone!

I had talked about posting a preview earlier for this, but here’s the release later instead @_@
Some building materials arrived to my house last week, so I got tangled up with a bit of construction, all done now. It ended up delaying new patrons from getting their character codes too, sorry about that.

You can thank CenterfolderSFM for helping us get that western theme going for a bit longer. Those of you that play RDR2 (I don’t have it T_T) might recognize this is from Sadie Adler.

It’s fully colorable, the scarf has dynamic movement and has custom half states. I used a different method to to the shirt opening, which I think preserves the shape of the shirt better, which I think I’ll keep using.

There’s also a character mod which is getting released by another modder that I’ll be posting here soon.


This contains 8 clothing items, details are in the readme.txt file.

I’ll be addressing the messages and comments I haven’t replied to during the weekend and release a character card as well. I should also give more info on what’s next but I can tell you already I’d like to have the top three picks from the poll done quickly. And I’ll be uploading an update of the website AIO files, it’s about time.
Cheers! o/

Colorable: yes.

Other details: Has custom half states.



  • 01-01-1970 - version 1.0 : Early Release.

Patreon version of this post.

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