Starlene Hair Pack 05 [version 1.0]

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Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been active, and during that time things have been pretty rough for me and the people around me. Today some of you might’ve already heard that Illusion, the developer of games such as Honey Select, will cease to be. They will forever have my utmost respect and admiration, excelling in a market filled with thorns and never ending obstacles.

Yet, rather than speaking about loss, or speculate about what lies ahead for the genre, I would instead like to shortly describe how impressed, proud and amazed I am of the communities surrounding these games.
I might not have been active, but I’ve seen through the years, how thousands turned into tens of thousands. how modders grew and helped each other. Some moving into newer titles, others lovingly supporting older titles. And the level of skill, artistry and variety among it’s users will never cease to surprise.
Not only has it grown many times over, but I was delighted to still find so many old members welcoming me back, years later.

I ask you to be proud, thankful and appreciate each other. Hopefully the torch Illusion has left behind will be picked up again, but until then, it reigns. Modders and new content for it will not cease until the community and invested individuals are willing to thrown a few embers into the flame. 😉

Speaking of which, here’s a tiny ember. I’ve been working with someone for a while about some Fire Emblem characters. I have a few clothing sets nearly done but they’re still not 100% approved. The hairstyles included in this pack should make them easy to guess, if you’re familiar with them.
They’re not the most exciting hairs and clothes for me, but I reckon they are for many.
So, enjoy! \o/

This contains 5 hair styles (fully poseable via FK) and 4 head accessories, details are in the readme.txt file.

The F.E. clothes might still take a while to finish, but I should be able to make a different upload in a couple of days, as well as previews of even more stuff, stay tuned!

Colorable: yes.



  • 14-07-2023 - version 1.0 : Release.

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6 thoughts on “Starlene Hair Pack 05

  1. Starlene! You’re a legend. I seriously appreciate your guide on how to port outfits for HS. I’m still holding off on creating anything so far, but having that guide really gives me something to follow off on, and I’ve gotta say, the community would have no legacy if it weren’t for folks like you not only creating great mods and guides, so thank you!

    1. Thank you! The one thing that gives me some peace of mind whenever I’m unable to continue something is leaving guides behind.
      Since I also rely on other people’s knowledge so often I know how important they are. Hopefully I get the opportunity to write more.

  2. I’m glad to see you back. The MOD teaching you put on discord really helped me a lot! When I first came into contact with HS, I was just a novice in blender. After watching your MOD teaching, I learned a lot of important knowledge that I didn’t know. Still grateful to you to this day.

    1. Thank you! I’m always both very happy and a bit surprised to see how many people went through it. It was definitely worth writing.

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