Outside for a couple of days

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Since last time I went off the grid for a few days there was a bit of a hiccup I thought it’d be best to leave a note here this time. o_o’

I’ll be in another country for a couple of days to renew some paperwork and will probably scarcely, if even, check the internet during that time. So if anything comes up or I take long to reply, just hang in there. I should be back by the weekend, I hope.

This will also mess up some releases meant for this week, but instead you will likely see an activity spike by the start of next month with what I’ve been doing lately. I will probably release a hairstyle tomorrow morning though…? I’m not sure if a single hairstyle is worth opening a new pack entry, but since I’ll keep adding into it, I guess it doesn’t really matter?

Anyways, I’ll be back soon! I’m just overcompensating for past mistakes. o/

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