Starlene Clothes Pack 06 [version 1.06]

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Here’s another polled outfit. This time is the Adler warrior outfit.

This one had a decent amount of attachments that required some extra care, but other than that it was fairly standard. I really loved to use this outfit in Skyrim so it makes me happy to be able to have it here as well.

And now you can color it however you want~


This contains 8 clothing items, details are in the readme.txt file.

Colorable: yes.

Other details: Top has custom undress state.


Password: 12g635hu9dfinjc83


  • 24-04-2018 - version 1.05 : Less chance of clipping for large breasts.
  • 05-09-2018 - version 1.06 : New naming system.

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6 thoughts on “Starlene Clothes Pack 06

  1. MEGA download won’t work for this one for some reason. It gives me “Temporary error” Can you please check it? I already checked if something is wrong with MEGA or my PC but your other mods download perfect except this one.
    Thanks Love your work!

  2. hey when i try to extract this file it doesnt even ask for the password and doesn’t want to extract and shows an error do you know how can i fix this?

  3. the download still does not work for me, the files will all be there but it will give an error when trying to open anything

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