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Yaaaaay! *cough* *gasp* *dies*

Writing the posts is always the last thing I do so I’m always about to die, darn it. I always want to go on a lengthy speech on how things go from point A to point B but I can’t muster the stamina. I’m getting old man.

Anyways! The cards page beta is coded, and so the first card for testing has been added. Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties in the comments, or if you have suggestions.
Basically, you will be able to find my own character cards there, that I will be adding slowly. Even if the admin pages for the cards and mods management are worked out, going through the list of requirements of each card and hunting the mod links is quite a time eater. Plus I’ll be touching up the cards before I upload them as well.

Now, a related side note: Very very soon I’m adding a Patreon exclusive card to the cards page, and more will follow… wait! Hear me out! /o\
It’s basically a gift for all patrons from 2018, regardless of tier. Buuuuut, I can’t make it 100% exclusive, because I know I’d get shanked when I least expect it, so, alternatively, to unlock this card, and other exclusives that follow, you can either:
– Ask someone who has the card to give it to you (even if it upsets me a tiny bit in the end I am always on the side of free sharing);
– Be a $5 patron to get an unlock code.

Hopefully that’s a good enough compromise. And worry not, most of the cards will not be locked.

Cheers! o/

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