Starlene Cosplay Pack 05 [version 1.11]

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No previews this time, just a straight up release. Here’s Cindy Aurum’s mechanic outfit.

I’m pooped so I’ll be brief. The colormask was quite the hassle but as you can see there’s a colorable version. The underwear shown in some pieces can’t be added into a bra/pantie slot since it’s an incomplete shape (the parts hidden do not exist). The goggles around the neck have dynamic movement and the belt is attached to the skirt bones/├únimation so it will dangle a bit. Cheers!

Now I wanna play that game real bad.

This contains 14 clothing items, details are in the readme.txt file.

Colorable: yes.

Other details: one dynamic accessory, and alternate version to achieve the original colors and a version without the underwear so you can use whichever underwear you want. Top has custom undress state.


Password: nixba231865mfduj9


  • 09-04-2018 - version 1.1 : Fixed collar weights for the half state undress. Fixed missing body segments around the waist and added inside textures around the collar. Thanks to Rikena for letting me know.
  • 05-09-2018 - version 1.11 : New naming system.

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