Starlene Cosplay Pack 01 [version 3.7.2]

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Here you’ve got four outfits from the following characters:

  • Saeko Busujima from Highschool of the dead
  • Marie Rose’s Elegant Dress from Dead or Alive
  • King of Fighters Angel
  • Ash J. Williams from Evil Dead

It contains 19 clothing items, details are in the readme.txt file.

Colorable: yes.


Password: kjosd8563b1mcxpa06i


  • 20-06-2018 - version 3.7.2 : New naming system.

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11 thoughts on “Starlene Cosplay Pack 01

  1. Your mods are simply amazing! I especially love the Elegant Dress but I’ve encountered a bug as I was breaking into a Shower Scene while having the Elegant Dress as a Bath Set for one of the models. They would stand there fully clothed after the break-in interaction. Also, I noticed your Starlene Hair goes crazy sometimes, specifically the side hair and pony tail (pony tail also going through the model’s chest). Other than that, Hair and Dress are well-done!

    1. Thanks, not sure if I understand the origin of the dress but. The Starlene hairstyle is indeed a bit buggy.

  2. Installed it but a few things aren’t showing up. Angel bra for example is nowhere to be seen yet cosplay outfit 4’s stuff is. None of Angel’s stuff is present. Every other item is there. Is it just me?

  3. Not sure if the last one posted because its not showing currently but eh… installed and the angel items are all absent. Can’t fathom why. When I search through with windows after installing the only mention of angel is in the read me. Likewise in the game I can’t find anything by the name of angel except for a top

      1. Probably not exactly, but I’m looking through HSresolvemoreslotID v.06 and searching angel or SL never shows any angel top or clothing, just star angel clothing and angel facial settings from Roy12 I’m guessing

        1. And unfortunately conflict resolver v3 doesn’t work with MoreSlotID 1.3 since it never got updated and just results in an error code

          1. Using conflict res. v2 but it’s tedious and some folks online say to ignore any mod’s with more than six numbers in the ID and the SL4 items which probably include some angel stuff are there with more than six numbers so eh. Kinda stuck

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