Starlene Clothes Pack 13 [version 1.0]

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Since I’ve said most of it in the preview I can keep it brief~

This is the first top entry from the last poll. Highly modified to appear closet to the appearance of character “Taihou”. For freedom of choice I’ve added two versions, one of them covers up the cleavage a bit and adds a jewel adorned with various gems.

I tried a different design to have a more open, yet still covered cleavage, hopefully it works well for almost everyone. The skirt though, is fairly clippy, but that’ll always be an issue for long skirts. Or at least, for the time being.

Texturing is a bit dull, I’ll do better next time I go full custom. o/ This was definitely a learning experience.


This contains 2 clothing items, details are in the readme.txt file.

Colorable: yes.

Other details: Simple half states.


Password: 7925yutgfheyy


  • 03-04-2019 - version 1.0 : Release.

Patreon version of this post.

16 thoughts on “Starlene Clothes Pack 13

  1. I just found your site, and the content is amazing. Can you suggest or make some tattoo mods too?

    1. I have a few images saved for that, but very few.
      For suggestions, preferably free or cheap images. Unless it’s an amazing graphic.

    1. There should be a link in the readme.txt for a mod from Joan that allows adding more bones to outfits. It should fix that.

  2. There isn’t a link in the readme but I found BonesFramework on his patreon. Again, thanks for your help.

  3. How do i fix the dress, chains, ect from being pulled toward the ground? Can you give me a link to the bones mod you were talking about in your other comment reply?

  4. Genial mod, gracias oye crees que puedas hacer los trajes de re2 Remake me conformo con solo el de Ada, plis saludos

  5. Did you make the clother models and textures by yourself? It’s pretty impressive. Do you accept commissions? I would like to see Arcade Miss Fortune’s outfit or KDA ahri’s outfit if that’s possible. I can pay you for your work of course.

    1. Thanks. Sorry for the late reply.
      I do, you can use the contact form or DM me at Patreon or Discord, but custom clothing like that can be prohibitively expensive to make.

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