Starlene Clothes Pack 11 [version 1.0]

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I had to get busy with work and ended up reworking this outfits textures since it wasn’t turning out as well as I hoped, but finally everything clicked into place.
I’m also still getting used to the Unity workflow (instead of good old SB3UGS).

There was a time I sorta wanted a new cow print outfit and Pond (Thanoseid) sent me assets for this one which caught my eye. It took a surprising amount of work to get it into shape so to be blunt I’m glad that it actually turned into something I’m happy to use. Since there were points where I though I had messed up beyond repair, or that the results wouldn’t look good.
Thankfully I came across some texture patterns that enhanced the final result to where it is. The mesh is not very well optimized so if anyone gets performance issues let me know!

Big thanks to Rikena for this preview picture! o/

This contains 11 clothing items, details are in the readme.txt file.

Colorable: yes.

Other details: No half states this time, if interested let me know in the comments. I had spent so much time on this already that it felt right to move on instead.


Password: 63d29fdsbfg43


  • 24-11-2018 - version 1.0 : Release.

Cheers! o/

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10 thoughts on “Starlene Clothes Pack 11

  1. Can’t download from mega. It’s getting an error message when gets to 9-15% can you uploadfrom another source?

        1. I have moved this one into internal storage and updated the download link. Hopefully that works out in the long run.

  2. Hello, I was wondering if you’d consider adding a cow tail accessory to clothes pack 11. I feel that it would really complete the look. If you’re not interested that’s fine, it’s an amazing set regardless. Thanks for all your awesome work.

    1. If I saw an interesting model I’d consider it. I find that using a simple L shape with a hair piece at the end tends to work pretty well though.

  3. I love this Thank you so much for your hard work!
    I also have a question: How to you make the photos of the models? with a mod? i alos want to make pretty photos where the girls are posing and stuff

    1. The game comes with an executable named StudioNeo. It’s a posing studio where you can load in characters, maps and items and pose them however you want. You can also add lights and effects to your liking.

    1. These aren’t characters, they’re clothes. Make sure to read the readme.txt to see what you need to install them. If you’re still having trouble I advice towards joining the Honey Select discord. The #help channel there is great and I’m also there.

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