Starlene Clothes Pack 04 [version 1.0.6]

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Here’s the first mod after the Patreon’s launch! Business will be the same as usual, mods won’t be released any sooner or later than they would before, but now anyone willing to support me can guide my hand as I jump into my next project, as well as take part of the process if you so wish to. Feedback, suggestions and anything you think needs fixing, I will read and address.
Or just a tip is always welcome, know that they will improve my workflow one way or another. Regardless, I’ll keep doing what I can.

On to the outfit, this one sure made me go back and forward with fine tuning. Enjoy the two versions, one of them non colorable, the other fully colorable. I’m really proud of this one, I made it as skin tight as I could.

This contains 10 clothing items, details are in the readme.txt file.

Colorable: yes.


Password: 89t2nn9uamklxc576


  • 02-03-2018 - version 1.0.5 : Fixed the seethrough inner neck. Thanks to PlayfulMofo for letting me know.
  • 20-06-2018 - version 1.0.6 : New naming system.

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