New character cards: Yoko Littner and Miina

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A couple more character cards have been added to the gallery, one of them shared for the first time.
You can find them here, along a description for each one. Cheers! o/

5 thoughts on “New character cards: Yoko Littner and Miina

  1. Hey Starlene, I just discovored your work on Honey Select, and it’s great 😀

    I’m looking for a mod that adds bikinis like the 2 first pictures in this tweet :

    I love this kind of swimsuit and I can’t find any mod that contains it. If you know a mod, could you tell me, or even create one if you have some time ?

    Thank you and have a nice day/night 😀

    1. Hey there, thanks!

      I’ve seen some pictures of the one at the top right recently at the discord. I only have something similar in the first bikini pack but I’m sure the people over there can point you to better ones. When summer comes I’m it’s likely I’ll give that design another go.

      Here’s an invite:

  2. You are a great person!
    I am looking for alisa clothes of tekken6
    Then I saw your work.
    They are so good!!!!!!!
    Maybe … can you make clothes for alisa? (Tekken6)

  3. Hello Starlene, when I tried this mod I got a different kind of bangs, am I doing something wrong or is this a known issue? because I tried it multiple times and I always get the same result, thank you.

    1. Hi there! Do you have the Party DLC installed in your game install? I think the bangs are from it.

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