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Here’s my Stocking from “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt”. She’s Panty’s older sister.

I had planned to find a dress I’d be happy with and then rework her hair, since I’m not capable enough to make it a single item that would even have pink inner hair just like her original design, and make her long hair more pose friendly. But I couldn’t find a dress I was happy with just yet, and I had already promised to add her soon, soooo, for now here’s my current version.

Once I find or make that wanted dress I’ll just up her as a new version.

She’s definitely got one of the nicest faces up close if you ask me.

14 thoughts on “Stocking Anarchy v2

  1. I thought it would be released for free. Well, his character is amazing and beautiful. It is one of my favorite characters, good work.

    1. Sorry, there were a couple of characters I didn’t really intend to share at all. The compromise for me ended up being to release them, but as a reward to patrons.
      On the bright side there’s only another existing character I’ll make exclusive. The white haired short girl I named “Hydrox”. Anything else will be easy access. o/

    1. Esta carta e a Starlene v9 são exclusivos para novos Patrons de tier 2 ou superior, e qualquer Patron que participou no 2018 (link no canto superior direito).
      Só tenho planeado mais um exclusivo das minhas castas existentes, o resto vai ser tudo 100% publico.

  2. Good day to you starlene. Thanks for the details of type of face to create this one as I always have a hard time creating a face. So thank you for that. Im not one of your patrons so seeing that you still give free stuffs on this site, I am very thankful

    1. Cheers and thank you! o/
      In case anyone is ever wonders, any content on Patreon eventually gets uploaded here, so no worries for those that can’t support. Everything will be up here within few weeks.

    1. Hey dohkito o/
      Esta carta y la Starlene v9 son para patrons que me enviaron 1$ o más en el 2018. También es accesible para nuevos patrons pero tienen que ser mínimo 5$ (envío códigos nuevos al principio de cada mes). El link para Patreon está arriba a la derecha. Perdona la inconveniencia.

      1. ok donde debo pagar? son 5 dolares? y si quiero que me crees otro personaje de anime que quiero, cuanto?

          1. hola amigo, acabo de donar 5 dolares por tu excelente trabajo, pero no me arrojo ningún código para la carta. como hago? te agradezco las molestias. En cuanto a los personajes que quiero es uno de ikkitousen que no he logrado conseguir las tengo todas pero me gustaría tener a: Kakouen Myousai

        1. Los envío al principio de cada mes como dije. Como vamos por la mitad requiere bastante paciencia. :[

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