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A gift of appreciation to all my patreons during 2018. This is, if that wasn’t blatantly obvious, my avatar character, named Starlene.

Initially I simply used my Yoko character as a sort of flagship/avatar, but since using one that was based on an existing popular character didn’t feel quite right I slowly tweaked Yoko until it felt like a character of it’s own. A slow but steady progress to make sure it was always recognizable as “my face”.

Maybe it’s because I’m so used to look at her, but I find her, by far, to be my favorite character card. And now I hope she’ll be one of your favorites as well! o/

The ponytails in her hairstyle have some transparency issues I still have to fix.

14 thoughts on “Starlene v9

    1. It’s free for any Patreon supporter from 2018, whether they’re still supporting or not.
      Now you’d need to be a tier 2 or higher.

  1. Hello, Starlene. I have a doubt. Your character card will always be available in patreon or is it for a limited time? I hope it is for an unlimited time because at this moment I can not be a patreon, but in the future I would like to give my support. Thanks for making great Mods.

    1. It’ll be up for as long as I can keep the website running, I’ll be renewing the hosting soon so you can expect it here for another year at bare minimum. Cheers o/

  2. Hello. I’m from Vietnam and i want to have that Starlene character card, very well-made, i must admit, but I can’t support you through Patreon or Paypal due to my card not being a Visa, Mastercard, etc and in my country, owning one of these cards is quite a headache due to some meticulous security and identity check that require me to travel back and forth and i don’t have time for it, you see, so i want to ask if there is any other way for me to support you. I’m willing to pay, of course, if the cost is reasonable.

    1. Hi there o/
      New codes are given around from the 1st to 5th day each month for new Patrons of tier 2 or higher.

    1. It’s in one of the hair packs you can find in this website. The third pack I think.

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