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Character previews:


Alita from Battle Angel: Alita is one of my favorite characters ever, and thus this is one of the cards I’ve spent the most time on.

If you’re still not aware, there is a live action movie coming out February 6 to 14 (depending on the country) this year. Here’s a trailer:

Support her and go see it! I’ve been up to date on how good it might be and I’m positive most viewers will be blown away. o/

Next I will probably try to turn this skintexmod into a better standalone outfit to avoid hassles with alternate outfits.

18 thoughts on “Alita v16

  1. Thanks for the Alita card!! She looks fantastic. I really appreciate you including the links for all of the required mods on the page with the card, that was incredibly helpful. Just to let you know, I’m using the Fakku version (Honey Selected Unlimited + Extend), and the card looks perfect. I’ve got all of the major mods running with my installation, and everything has been working well. Looking forward to your next character card! I just signed up with your Patreon this month, glad to support your awesome work!

  2. I’m that dude from discord who asked about your old card. Thank you so much for sharing this! It’s fantastic.

    1. Thanks. If you or anyone else wants to see a particular character I’ve shown up here let me know, since right now I don’t have a particular order of priority.

    1. Probably nothing significant. The one reason I downgraded was that for whatever reason the Vanilla uncensor option was not longer included. But the notes for v0.6.4 just say this:
      – Improved compatibility with some tops mod which have invalid bone structure (missing bones).
      – Added “IgnoreTopsID” option in modprefs.ini file.

    1. It’s from a manga that started in 1990, so the first few books have that old style look which isn’t really popular these days.
      It also goes by several names which helps towards making it more obscure. It’s segmented into three serializations, the second being “Last Order”, and the final, and current, being “Chronicles of Mars”.

      1. Sorry no email,forgot to check if you responded.

        Was this character even popular? I never heard anyone/online even mentioned this before.

        Where has this been all my life?

        Also watching the trailer and looking online of plot is she a Mary Sue?

        1. It’s one of those characters where, if you find someone that read the manga, they love her. Problem being, finding people that did read it.

          And oh no, she is not a Mary Sue, not at all. She gets wrecked (literaly), she makes mistakes, she loses people right under her protection. She is not a super hero, at best she becomes a hero to some, a villain to others.

          The trailers are definitely tailored to the super hero crowd, but I can see glimpses of the truly special story beats in there, very well hidden, but the clues are visible. The movie will be an enjoyable surprise to many.

  3. How do I get her nips back? is the removal just baked into the character? I’ve been hopping through the options but can’t find anything for it.

    Great mods btw!

    1. I’m not sure if this is a temporary issue or there’s something going on, please check again tomorrow. I’ll try to figure out what’s up with hat.

  4. I am Japanese. I am not good at English. I’m sorry.
    I use Google translation.

    The title in Japan is” 銃夢(GUNNM)”. Her name is “ガリィ (Gully
    It was a great content and she was very cute.
    And I was still young (* ^ ~ ^ *) ゝ

    Your work is also very nice and cute.
    And I am very nostalgic. This cartoon and memories of that time.

    I really wanted to express my gratitude, but I pray that they were transmitted well. Thank you very much m (_ _) m

    1. Thank you, I’ve loved Gully/Yoko/Alita for a very long time. I’ll be uploading a new version someday once I can give her a new hair and body. o/

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