Saeko Busujima v2

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This is my version of Saeko from “Highschool of the dead”.

I’ve shared this before, but I’ve done a bit of updating to it, including assigning her the outfit from that very damn old mod I worked on. Which has some details that feel so low quality to me now that it hurrrttts. I wanted to do the whole group of girls and do multiple scenes with them, but since I wasn’t very happy with the whole lot that idea fell apart a little. She’s my favorite of the series.
I remember someone asking me to post her up here so here she is. o/

6 thoughts on “Saeko Busujima v2

  1. Thanks for Saeko, I was actually hoping for V2 Shizuka Marikawa too since I think she is the sexiest of all the girls in the series. Please release her next if you can Starlene huge fan of your works.

    1. Thanks! She’s the one I had the most trouble with, but if I can figure out how to make her face where’d I’d feel happy with it I’ll re-release it.

  2. Thanks Starlene. Do you think you can release Shizuka Marikawa from the series next? I think she is the sexiest in the series. Love all your works.

  3. Wow!!! How I Can say this… Really WOW!!! You can teach how to make these wonderful characters with this level. I’m a Highschool of the Dead viewer since the anime was released (or became subtitled to portuguese, ’cause I’m from Brasil) and when I see your post, I lose my words. Great work.

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